Author Bio

Tabitha Rhys is a writer with a passion for music, misfits, and subculture. Love, Music, Madness is her debut novel.

Although entirely a work of fiction, Love, Music, Madness is inspired by Tabitha’s adventures on the road as an independent musician and in DIY studios during the rise of the digital recording revolution.

Tabitha became entrenched in the independent music scene in the early 2000s when she moved from the Philadelphia suburbs to L.A.’s colorful Venice Beach. There, she joined a band despite owning only a starter keyboarder that a local soundman quickly dubbed “The Radio Shack.”

After investing in some better gear, Tabitha went on to travel the West Coast, singing and playing keys and guitar. At varying times, she called Los Angeles, San Diego and Seattle home. At other times, home was the car or van she lived in while performing shows at the dive du jour.

After roughly ten years, a mid-tour wreck ended Tabitha’s travels. With her gear destroyed, Tabitha canceled the rest of her scheduled shows and took a hiatus out in the desert. Holed up in a casita, she finally sorted through her notes from the road and the many stories she'd written over the years. Together, they became Love, Music, Madness.

Currently, Tabitha resides in Riverside, CA with her husband and favorite little wild child, her toddler son. She is excited for the upcoming release of the print edition of her book and busy writing her next novel.